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Nâng cao vốn từ bỏ vựng của chúng ta cùng với English Vocabulary in Use từ bỏọc các trường đoản cú bạn phải giao tiếp một bí quyết tự tín.

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a name or other information that you enter, usually with a password (= a secret word, or series of letters & numbers) in order lớn use a computer system, trang web, etc.:
Finally, each entry in the structure may contain its author"s username và the nội dung of the bình luận.
This verification option requires users lớn enter security code on top of usual username & password login.
This allowed the users to use a different username and password on the various systems they used, placing them in the keychain for secure storage.
These methods take arguments that specify the blog author"s username and password along with information related to lớn an individual weblog entry.
This comm& is used at the beginning of a connection to specify the username, hostname, real name và initial user modes of the connecting client.
However, this would restrict access lớn other data in the file such as username-to-userid mappings, which would break many existing utilities & provisions.
The service searched more than one hundred online communities lớn kiểm tra to lớn see if a given username was registered or not.
Expect scripts must also be cautiously guarded when including credentials such as username/password combinations.
These computers connect to a school wide network lớn which every student can connect using their given username & password.
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If a country has a miễn phí press, its newspapers, magazines, & television and radio stations are able to express any opinions they want, even if these criticize the government and other organizations.

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