1a(1) —used as an interrogative expressing inquiry about the identity, nature, or value of an object or matter What is this?What is wealth without friends?What does he earn?What hath God wrought?

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(2) —often used lớn ask for repetition of an utterance or part of an utterance not properly heard or understood You said what?
b(1) —used as an interrogative expressing inquiry about the character, nature, occupation, position, or role of a person What bởi you think I am, a fool?What is she, that all our swains commkết thúc her?— William Shakespeare
(2) archaic : who sense 1 —used as an interrogative sầu expressing inquiry about the identity of a person
c —used as an exclamation expressing surprise or excitement và frequently introducing a question What, no breakfast?
d —used in expressions directing attention to lớn a statement that the speaker is about to make you know what
e(1) —used at the kết thúc of a question to express inquiry about additional possibilities Is it raining, or snowing, or what?
(2) —used with or at the kết thúc of a question usually in expectation of agreement Is this exciting, or what?

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f chiefly British —used at the kết thúc of an utterance as a form of tag question A clever play, what?
2a : the thing or things that What you need is a vacation. What angered us was the tone of the article.
b : that which : the one or ones that no income but what he gets from his writings —sometimes used in reference lớn a clause or phrase that is yet to come or is not yet complete gave also, what is more valuable, understanding
1 : for what purpose or reason : why —usually used with the other words of a question between what & for What did you bởi that for? except when used alone
2 : harsh treatment especially by blows or by a sharp reprim& … gave hyên ổn what for in violent Spanish … — New Yorker
: what does it matter if What though the rose have prickles, yet "tis plucked …— William Shakespeare

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